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Joyce D.

"I have had years of experience on the massage table. Michelle can do a deep muscle massage that releases the tension like no other. I was lucky to find her in Leduc. She is very caring and works with your individual needs."

Carly M.

"Michelle is such a caring and bright individual and a wonderful massage therapist. She delivers personalized care and perfect pressure to resolve muscle aches and pains. Highly recommend seeing her if you are in the area!"

Jillian W.

"I’m so thankful I found Michelle! She is truly the best massage therapist I’ve found. She works with her clients to come up with a treatment plan and targets all the right areas! I love her deep tissues massage! She’s also helped bring relief to pain in my arm and wrist using the Gaston technique. Michelle truly cares for all her clients and I cannot recommend her enough!"

Breanne S.

"Michelle is an amazing massage therapist!! Very professional and caring. Would recommend to anyone."

Tracy S.

Had a deep tissue massage with Michelle! I was in a lot of pain when I walked in at 315 today I feel freaking amazing this evening! Thank you so much Michelle see you again very soon!

Howard I

'I had my first massage with Michelle this afternoon and upon entering the building, I immediately felt a calm ambiance. Michelle was my RMT and her strong background in both Massage and Reflexology resulted in a effective and relaxing experience. Moreover, I was taught techniques that are useful for managing tension cause by the work place. I will be returning again the next time I'm in Leduc!
Acupressure Neck Massage

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